Wednesday, June 7, 2023

First Division teams and referees get Nike sports equipment

The long-awaited Nike sponsorship for First Division teams finally became a reality on Friday at Lekidi centre.
First Division North and South teams, together with the local referees, will enjoy the vast sponsorship that some Premier League teams are currently enjoying.

The sponsorship avails Nike sports equipment to teams and referees. The General Manager of the Premier League, Setete Phuthego, said that he is glad the negotiations finally became fruitful as they had hoped for.

“There are 60 boots, 5 balls and 18 sets of kits for each team in the First Division North and South. Each Referee has 3 sets with a warm-up set and goalkeepers get 2 sets,” said Phuthego.
The secretary of the National Referees Committee, Marvellous Shangare, expressed happiness over the new development.

“It is the first time to witness such development in the First Division and I am overwhelmed to be witnessing it now,” he said.

Shangare said that their motive is to help and develop referees. He also thanked the BFA for undertaking negotiations with Nike for sponsorship.
“This is a great motivation for referees to work hard as they would then realise their importance to our football,” said Shangare.

Dintle Mphele, vice president technical at BFA, applauded the Premier League for looking back at the amateurs and helping them with finding sponsorship.

“Nowadays it is difficult to acquire sponsorship as the sponsors choose who they want to sponsor,” said Mphele. He further said that it is a good direction for the Premier League as they want to turn professional.

“I wish the Premier League continuous the good relations with Nike,” said Mphele.

However, the jerseys are unmarked, with no logos on either side, which the BFA said is done intentionally for companies and individuals who want a partnership with First Division North and South teams to advertise.


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