Monday, January 17, 2022

First ever mud challenge a success

The first ever Diretse Tough and Dirty Time Challenge mud race took place over the weekend at Bonnington farms in Gaborone. The challenge’s aim was to broaden team building work and diversifying the economy. Two teams that took part competed in a mini marathon and military obstacles challenges. Itse Magheba Tours was the host of the mud challenge.

Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture (MYSC) pledged P67 000 sponsorship towards the event. Given a chance to speak at the two day event, Gaborone district coordinator at the MYSC, Jacob Sekgoni said as a ministry, they found it most appropriate to fund the initiative through the MYSC grants. This was to ensure that Batswana are aware of the reimbursements of taking part in sports and recreation. “The activity promotes the culture of exercise and physical recreation which reduces chances of sickness, leaving the mind free to be innovative and creative instead of worrying about diseases,” commented Sekgoni.

“It has become apparent that most of us live sedentary lifestyle, we spend most times either in offices or watching television. This has resulted in increased incidences of poor health with more people being obese,” he said, adding that, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiac complications, and hypertension are entirely avoidable.  

The challenge was for the team members to exert jointly to overcome the obstacles. The first stage of the challenge was for competitors to run a distance of 5kilometres before making it back to the farm where mud races took place. The team which successfully overcame the obstacles and finished first were announced as the overall race winners.     

“The event does not only promote physical and mental health but also enhances the promotion of tourism in Gaborone. The venue, Bonnington silos has a lot of historical significance to the origin of Gaborone,” Sekgoni said. He also encouraged a round of applause forwarded to the organising team as he highly praised their hard earned efforts and achievements in compiling such an outstanding event more especially as it was its first ever.         

Team Tough men heroes were crowned Diretse Tough and Dirty Time Challenge 2015 champions, taking home a cash prize of P3 500. Delta Force and Monna okae took the second and third positions, winning P2 500 and P1 500 respectively. Despite being asked so many questions when he uttered his concept, the event organiser, Tebogo Kgaodi did not fail his wish but instead made sure it was implemented into reality. Being happy with the turn up, Kgaodi added that the event was successful, and it showed that Batswana were willing to try new things. He said such activities and projects would contribute towards the diversification of the economy and also help to improve team work amongst employees.

The audience enjoyed the unusual race as the teams tumbled and made it through the mud terrace trying to complete obstacles. The Diretse Tough and Dirty Time Challenge mud race will be taking place annually.


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