Monday, August 8, 2022

FNB revitalises the brand, reinforces its ‘helpful’ personality

First National Bank Botswana, the country’s largest bank by assets, has begun a revitalisation exercise designed to take the well established and already firmly entrenched FNB brand promise of “How can we help you?” to a new level of awareness within the Botswana banking consumer market.

“The FNB brand promise has been around for many years and has been demonstrated by our people in the way they care and add value to the lives of our customers,” Bomolemo Selaledi, FNB’s Director – Marketing and Communications, said.

“September 2011 marks the beginning of a robust long term marketing and communication plan designed to enhance our brand and grow its equity both at the emotional and rational level.”

Service excellence has served as an effective brand differentiator for the bank, while the sun and tree logo have been the bedrock of that brand for many years.

“However, the market environment and the dynamic innovations that we have introduced in the past few years augur well for us to take our brand to the next level based around the concept of “helpfulness” which lies at the heart of the FNB brand, ” Selaledi said.

The plan includes a refreshing of the bank’s overall corporate identity, a reinforcement of the brand tag-line, and a fresh marketing and advertising thrust to act as a launch pad to take the ‘new look’ FNB to the forefront of the banking industry.

On a more practical level, the corporate identity overhaul saw subtle, yet significant updates and enhancements to the distinctive branding elements – from the instantly recognisable FNB turquoise and amber, to the tree silhouette in the logo. Even the marketing language, photographic guidelines and corporate typefaces have enjoyed a makeover to ensure they support the more open, direct and, naturally, helpful FNB brand identity.

“We are at the beginning of the 3rd year of our 5 year strategy and we are growing very well in the consumer banking space. Several of our new products like ‘Bank Your Change’ and ‘eWallet’ have been very well received. FNB will continue to enhance its offerings and find new ways of adding value to our customers’ lives,” she said.


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