Tuesday, April 16, 2024

FNBB gets Orange on its fold

The First National Bank of Botswana (FNBB), the second biggest Botswana Stock Exchange listed company, announced that it has added Orange Botswana to its Cellphone Banking offering. This means that Orange customers are able to register for FNB Cellphone Banking if they hold a qualifying FNB account.

This enables them to buy prepaid airtime for themselves or anyone else, as well as providing customers with greater access to banking anywhere, anytime, on any network. Registered FNB Cellphone Banking customers on the Orange and Mascom networks are also able to buy airtime from either network for anyone else directly from their Cellphone.

As the first bank to introduce Cellphone Banking, Mr Danny Zandamela, FNB CEO, says the company has enjoyed rapid and extensive adoption of the service, with 13, 556 transactions to the value of P5.13 million passing through its systems since November 2006 when the new banking channel was launched. “This far exceeds the target expected in December, while demand for prepaid top up has demonstrated the reliance of our customers on this channel for their airtime needs. However, the key drivers for FNB Cellphone Banking adoption will be customer registration and transactions.” said Zandamela.

He explained that at present FNB facilitates the registration of Cellphone banking through its FNBB branches only, but it is expecting to add other channels in the near future, such as ATMs and the Internet. With the Cellphone becoming an integral part of the modern lifestyle, Zandamela said FNBB will continue to work closely with network service operators like Orange and Mascom to make FNB Cellphone Banking even more accessible, easy to use, secure and affordable.

FNBB will focus on getting the Cellphone Banking mindset right by addressing customer concerns around ease of use, affordability, access to service and security. Through this exercise, FNBB will turn improved market awareness of Cellphone Banking into customer behaviour that embraces Cellphone Banking as a convenient banking channel.
Entering the market with the service in November 2006 FNBB has geared its Cellphone Banking offering for simplicity and security. Zandamela explained that “Cellphone Banking is intended for use by all transactional account holders and all Cellphone users, perhaps the most critical success factor for any Cellphone banking offering is its interoperability with both network operators, thus making customers free to bank using their operator of choice.”

“With cellphones becoming a commodity accessible to most of the population, Cellphone banking is the obvious step in making banking accessible to more people than ever before,” he notes, pointing out that FNBB has several initiatives under way to extend services to the under- and un-banked.
As a leader in Cellphone Banking, FNBB consistently meets the needs of customers not only by delivering enhanced services, but also by offering users the choice of transacting when and where they want with this innovative and cost effective banking channel.


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