Sunday, July 3, 2022

FNBB Molepolole stages Healing paint festival

On Thursday May 17th at 9 o’clock, the First National Bank of Botswana, Molepolole Branch’s staff will engage in a paint festival.
The event is the first of its kind in that the paintings will be donated to various clinics around village. The project is an exciting collaboration between FNB-Molepolole Branch and Healing Art. The partnership aims to improve the public face of hospitals, clinics and other health facilities by providing works of art to beautify these spaces and enhance the healing that takes place there.

The event will see FNB-Molepolole employees, village dignitaries and community members painting, mingling and having fun producing beautiful pieces of artworks that will be donated to all nine clinics in Molepolole. The multiplier effects of this noble initiative will be seen in the difference the FNBB-Molepolole employees make in this community; the proud legacy the project will leave; the therapeutic effects of art for health care; and the promotion of art and the Healing Art.

First National Bank Botswana is a proud leader when it comes to offering innovative banking solutions and measure success not only by the growth in their profits but also by the contribution they make towards their community’s growth.

“We take our corporate social responsibility programme seriously and have demonstrated this with the establishment of the FNBB Foundation,” FNBB said. “The foundation is a special purpose vehicle to administer our corporate social responsibility and provide the bank with the opportunity for greater involvement and cooperation with the community within which we operate.”

The fund was established in 2001 on the understanding that the bank would contribute 1% of its after tax profit to the foundation annually. To date, the FNBB Foundation is one of the biggest corporate donors and leader in corporate social responsibility in the financial services sector. The bank, through its marketing and communications department, carries out all the foundations administrative work.

FNBB Foundation normally considers funding of a capital nature, such as buildings (dormitories, classrooms and multipurpose halls etc), vehicles and machinery but may also consider requests for operating expenses. The banks criteria for funding places an emphasis on needy communities whose projects are intended to improve the lives of many Batswana. Formally constituted non-government organisations (NGO’s) and non-commercial organisations in Botswana registered as none profit making organisations may apply for funding. The NGO should be involved in improving the general welfare of Batswana in some form or another.

It is this civic minded ideal that underpins FNBB-Molepolole Branch’s staff volunteer programme which is an extension of the foundations commitment to the community. The initiative affords the bank’s employees an opportunity to identify and donate funds to a project of their choice in respective localities. Their involvement in these projects goes beyond simply giving financial support, but putting in a helping hand.

The programme is one of the most demonstrable methods of evidencing the banks community relations policy. It not only helps the community but can also provide members of staff with opportunities for personal and professional development and is therefore encouraged.


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