Tuesday, April 16, 2024

FNBB to host much-anticipated post-budget seminar

First National Bank of Botswana (FNBB) will host the highly anticipated annual Budget Review Seminar following the delivery of the National Budget speech by the Minister of Finance and Development Planning,  Kenneth Matambo on February 3.

FNBB Chief Executive Officer, Lorato Boakgomo-Ntakhwana, said the FNB budget review seminar provides a platform for participants to discuss and analyse the economic, political and social implications of the year under review.

She said that as a partner in economic development, FNB aims to provide a platform for attending stakeholders to discuss the National Budget Speech.

“Through this forum we strive to bring together active participants in the private and public sectors to inform and debate on pertinent issues in the global and local economy and how they are reflected in the Budget Speech,” said Ntakhwana.

She pointed out that the past 20 years have seen FNB bring together industry experts to unpack the budget speech with the hope of broadening understanding, at the same time giving Batswana an insight into how this affects them individually.

She stated that this year’s review would see a panel of three industry experts from the economic sector to provide an in-depth analysis of the budget.

“The panelists, a selection of some of the finest in the financial fraternity will give an over view of the various aspects of the just delivered speech,” said Ntakhwana.

Ntakhwana said the FNB budget review session aims to help consumers and the business community gain insights and understanding on how policies presented to Parliament will affect the macro-economic environment within which businesses operate.

She added that different stakeholders across various sectors of the Botswana economy have been invited to participate in the discussion.

“We have been growing this platform for two decades now and truly believe it provides the kind of forum that engages our stakeholders on a topic that affects all at every level. We look forward to another stimulation session made possible by our incredible panel, our staff and all our valued stakeholders,” commented Ntakhwana.

She pointed that the FNBB review seminar following the delivery of the national budget speech will on February 4 in Gaborone.


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