Wednesday, June 7, 2023

FNB’s ATM deposits a hit with customers

First National Bank Botswana (FNBB) says its advanced Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), with real-time cash deposits, have been well received by customers as they experienced exponential growth in popularity, to a point where they now account for 30 percent of cash deposit volumes at the different branches where they were installed.

The bank’s innovative self-service machines, with large informative screens and easy prompt steps to follow, were first introduced as part of the bank’s self-service range in 2014. FNBB Director of Marketing and Communications Bomolemo Selaledi said since the first self service ATM was introduced, the footprint has increased to 18 across the country. She added that the ATM advance real-time cash deposits functionality means that once a customer makes a deposit, the funds are immediately available and can be used for other services, including buying electricity and paying for one’s water bill.

“Customers can now deposit cash without having to queue at the branch. The ATM advance service is available outside the normal banking hours. Therefore businesses can now deposit their day’s takings without worrying about banking hours,” said Selaledi.

The deployment of the ATM advance was a defining moment in the local banking industry, and Selaledi believes it is a service which FNBB is proud to offer its customers. She said the bank will continue looking for new ways to make banking an efficient and pleasurable experience for the customers, further pointing out that the ATM advance is strategically located at branches to ensure that customers are in a secure place when undertaking their transactions.

“Having invested in ample ATM’s providing accessibility for customers across Botswana, the bank has now created more reason for customers to use the ATMs at their suitability,” said Selaledi.

For his part FNBB Consumer Director, Martin Knollys said the bank continues to focus on customer education and migration to electronic channels, in line its Bricks to Clicks’ strategy. He added that the bank sees this as a critical strategy for customers as it affords them access, convenience and efficiencies in banking.

“The ATM advance offers customers a full suite of ATM banking services facilities including checking balances and requesting mini statements, transferring funds and making payments, sending and receiving money through eWallet and making prepaid purchases such as electricity and airtime,” he explained.

Knollys said the ATM advance’s functionality helps to take the angst out of lost or stolen cards and forgotten pins through cardless cash withdrawals that can be made, PIN and account limits that can be managed and lost or stolen card information that can be accessed on the machine.

“The experience that we have accumulated from our ATMs and ATM Advance network continues to inform the functionality that we roll out on our self service machines,” he said.

He further pointed out that they are continually implementing software upgrades to ensure that the machines remain safe and secure for all transactions.

“The regular software updates will enable us to introduce innovative new services to our customers that will allow banking convenience, without the need to visit a branch,” said Knollys.


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