Saturday, June 15, 2024

Football counts the cost of Covid-19

For some years now football income has been generated through gate takings. With new regulations, the #bring back football must also sit down and make a road map on how clubs can generate income.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, few clubs tried to establish sources of funds for their clubs. Jwaneng Galaxy FC opened a bar and restaurant midlast year in line with the strategy to become a commercial entity.

This was accompanying the sport shot and night club the football club has been running for some years now. 

Speaking in an interview with this publication, football analyst, Kagiso Kgaogano said covid-19 should be a wake-up call for our clubs to have stable financial streams and means to sustain themselves during tough times.

“It has been proven that our clubs survive on hand to mouth, and the day the source of income stops clubs become poverty stricken,” he says.

“Right now, no club has come out with any initiative of how they will generate income if not only to complain that football e emisitswe. If football returns with no supporters how are they going to generate income which they cannot do today,” he asks.

Kgaogano says if there is one thing that generates income and our clubs are failing to embrace, it is the selling of merchandise. He highlighted that European clubs make most of their money through the selling of various merchandise, not only season replicas. 

“European clubs have mastered the business side of football using players to generate money through merchandise. Why are our clubs failing to make simple things like masks, key holders, coffee mugs, note books to name a few in order to make money for their clubs?” he asks rhetorically.

Kgaogano points out that clubs should learn to think outside the box and embrace change as it comes. He says dependency on sponsorship will not help them in any way.

He however said clubs should have learned from the fallen one’s like Ecco, Satmos and Nico United.

“Remember Ecco, just when BMC cut ties with them, they relegated, Nico United and Satmos used to do well in Phikwe, but when BCL closed we saw them struggle and eventually relegate. Now as it is if Debswana cut ties with Orapa United and Galaxy that can mean the end of them as well,” he explained.

“Let’s say sponsorship comes and it gives clubs P50 000.00 as grants monthly, will the P50 000.00 be enough to sustain teams for travel, camping, testing and other measures to adhere to Covid-19 protocols? I do not think so,” he says.

He however points out that football must be brought back to bring back stability in the lives of players as well. But as a road map is still being paved to bring back football, clubs should sit down and think of new ideas to generate income.


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