Saturday, December 2, 2023

Former death row inmate turns preacher

A South African citizen former death row inmate who served time inside the Gaborone Central Prison says that he is now preaching the word of God in the streets of Soweto, schools and prisons.

Speaking from Soweto in a telephone interview Molefe , who was released from prison early this year and immediately deported to South Africa after serving a total of 13 years five of which was as a death row inmate for the murders of two Zimbabwean citizens says that he is grateful for the nation of Botswana and its judiciary which has given him a second chance in life.

“ I greatly appreciate having been given a second chance by Botswana and hope to use this chance wisely to better my life and those that are close to me”, he said.

Those closest to him he says include his long time girl friend Tshidi Banda, a citizen of Botswana who he said stood by him and gave him moral support in all his years in prison including as a death row inmate.

“She is a strong woman. I thank her and her family for that “, he said.

Asked about his view on Botswana’s death penalty which was abandoned by his country following democratic elections, Molefe declined to comment on the issue saying all that he thinks is important is for people to know that it is important to reconcile with those that have done wrong to you.

“Issues such as death penalty are in my view not more important than the need to reconcile which is why I am on a daily basis in the streets preaching about it; day and night”, he said. He even declined to say how he was feeling whilst on death row again saying that it will not serve any purpose to discuss the issue. A number of South Africans found guilty of murder in Botswana have not been as lucky.

Botswana Government has executed South Africans Marrietta Boch and Lehlohonolo Kobedi.


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