Friday, September 30, 2022

Former Local Police officers still to receive conformation letters

The Acting Minister of Defense, Justice and Security, Edwin Batshu has told parliament that some local police officers assimilated into the Botswana Police Service are still to receive their letters of confirmation.

Batshu said that a swearing in statement of allegiance to the state by the officers is just good enough.

“Despite some officers having received some letters of confirmation while others have not, I can assure this House that an oath of allegiance to state was undertaken by these officers and that is good enough to qualify them as BPS employees and nothing else,” Batshu said, in answer to a question raised in Parliament.

Batshu said that all former Local Police Force officers absorbed into the BPS were attested in terms the Police Act and are expected to execute all functions as stipulated in the statutes.

It has been about a year since the historic incorporation of the local police officers into the Botswana Police Service but majority of the officers have not yet received confirmation letters.

Completed on 1st April 2010, the merger between BPS and the Local Police Force is seen as a major break-through to the under-staffed BPS who were plagued with manpower shortages in fighting escalating crime.

“There has been no anomaly in the appointment process of all officers of the former Local Police Force absorbed into the Botswana Police Service,” Batshu insisted.

Uncertain about their future in the BPS, some former local police officers approached the Ngami Member of Parliament, Taolo Habano who raised the issue in Parliament.


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