Friday, September 30, 2022

Former Zebras players demand recognition

Former Zebras players came together this past Friday at Lekidi auditorium, where they made it clear that they deserve to be treated like football legends. “Every time you switch on TV to watch a South African sports channel, you will find legends like Kaizer Motaung being praised amongst others. Some of them feature as analysts or advisors. However, in Botswana it is like we have never existed or played a vital role in the soccer game,” said Phillimon Maucho, former goal keeper.

Maucho explained that they have lots of ideas that they can share with the society as they have experienced tribulations during their time. He said back then, they believed in playing for passion. Their aim was to unite the nation through playing the game. He advised that the nation should take pride in watching the national team, not the current situation where the stadium is usually almost empty when the national team plays. He observed that in other countries, watching soccer unites families as men go to stadiums with their spouses and children, thus making it a family game.

This he said is not the case in Botswana, hence the poor game attendance. Another legend, Lele Teenage Tlhowe emphasised the importance of sport, which he said helped in keeping the body healthy. When you meet him, you wouldn’t think that he is a survivor of stroke and heart surgery as he is fit.

He also requested adults to respect themselves and be exemplary by not indulging in excessive alcohol consumption. Horatio Matlhoane reminded his audience of their misery when they suffered 8-2 defeat in their game against Malawi after they went to the Swaziland venue without a goal keeper following tongue lashing by a team official. Matlhoane wondered why the Zebras legends club had to pay for using the Lekidi venue because as far as he was concerned, as senior citizens, they did not have to pay rent at such venues. He pointed out the importance of appreciating their efforts because they as legends had laid the foundation for the soccer game in the country.

The event was meant to launch the Pitse Tsa Naga Trust as well as introduce initiatives meant to make people appreciate the legends, as well as improve their lives and those of the underprivileged children housed at Child line Botswana. Kgalagadi Breweries sponsored the event while Childline, I-solution, Unmatched Technology Solutions and Insych Media organised the event.


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