Monday, August 15, 2022

France honours Tsimako with award

The Commissioner of the Botswana Police Service, Thebeyame Tsimako, has been awarded the insignia of “Officier dans l’Odre national du Merite.” Presenting the award, French ambassador to Botswana, Genevieve Iancu, stated that, “A strong and professional police force is the best way to preserve the rights of the country; France is happy today to pay tribute to your commitment during all these years to ensure that the Botswana Police Service duly fulfils the expectations of the population as well as the highest authorities of Botswana”.

Giving a brief history of the origins of the award, Iancu said that after the abolishment of the French revolution, a new order to commend civilians was created in the 19th century. More orders were then introduced and by the beginning of the 20th century, there were 25 different merits.

Therefore, in 1963, former French President Charles de Gaulle unified them “to celebrate the efforts accomplished by distinguished individuals, irrespective of gender, social background or nationality”.

The Ambassador further stated that Commissioner Tsimako had “always been sensitized to the importance of training and ethical support for those who enroll in the police force”.

On receiving the prestigious accolade, Commissioner Tsimako expressed his gratitude to the French and pointed out how their government had continued to show support to the growth of the Botswana Police Services.

Tsimako pointed out that it was through the aide of the French Government that the Police service was able to give French lessons to members of the force who have since graduated and were attached to various parts of the world.

The French government was also commended for training the Botswana Police in international relations skills and also for aiding Botswana to host joint peace keeping training for countries in Southern Africa.

Tsimako gave a special thank you to his wife and family who were present at the presentation of the award.


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