Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Francistown Afro-Pop musician leaps into Afro House

Francistown Afro-Pop musician, Onkagetse Nfila, also known to his legion of fans as Madala, will be releasing an Afro House album, dubbed Thebetha, at the beginning of February this year.

The multi-talented lad, who began his music career in 2004, has four Afropop albums to his name.

His Manager, Fumani Tekere, of Garero Multimedia Agency, told the Sunday Standard in an interview that they will be promoting the album in Francistown and the surrounding villages soon.

“We are working on a timeline and by the second quarter of this year we should have reached places such as Bobonong and other areas in the Central District,” he said.

The artist himself, Madala, also revealed to the Sunday Standard that his album is a master piece which is bound to leave music lovers awestruck. Recounting the journey of his music career, the enthusiastic artist said that music has been the love of his life ever since his Primary School days when he was a traditional dance and drama artist.

“I have always been passionate with music and performing arts,” he said.

Madala said that the album, Thebetha, is an Afro-House album which is a fusion of Afro pop with House music. He said that the move to blend house with afro-pop is part of his strategy to reach to a wider audience. Touching on his achievements, the artist said that ever since his venture into music, he has continued to receive support from a lot of Batswana who always throng his shows.

“The most memorable time of my music career is when I shared the stage with local music icons such as Shumba Ratshega, Vee, Juju Boy and the late Don B,” he added.

Madala revealed that when he began his music career in 2004, he was more into wedding songs until he finally took a leap into Afro House to try and appeal to the youth. He said that his upcoming album comprises of 6 songs being Thebetha, O se ka lela, Tobetsa, Re bata Monate, Lewarawara and Madala production.

“One of the songs that I love most in this album is Thebetha, which is merely a dance song,” he said.

However his manager, Tekere added that the problem that they are facing in the music industry is the escalation of pirated music, which is killing the music industry.


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