Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Francistown Council owed millions in service levy arrears

The Francistown City Council is owed over P 3 million in service levy arrears and over P11 million in rate arrears, it emerged from the Mayor’s report at a recent full council meeting this week.

While previous recovery efforts, like massive house to house campaigns, have proved successful in helping the council to recover some of the funds, it has emerged that other avenues pursued by the FCC, like the engagement of lawyers and debt collectors, have proved futile as the engaged lawyers and debt collectors have since disappeared into thin air after collecting millions in owed rates and service levy.

Sunday Standard investigations have turned up information suggesting a conspiracy between lawyers, debt collectors and some FCC revenue collectors to defraud the government of millions.
Some residents, who are listed at the city council as rate and service levy defaulters, have been found in possession of proof that they fully paid their rates and service levy .

Revenue collectors and debt collectors are said to have beaten a hasty retreat with veiled apologies of previously unseen accounting mistakes when some residents refused to succumb to threats of imprisonment and provided proof that they have fully paid their arrears.


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