Saturday, January 28, 2023

Francistown council woos investors for erection of city infrastructure

Francistown City Council is trying to attract investors who will play an important role in developing the city’s infrastructure for the benefit of residents.

The Francistown City Council leadership is concerned that the city was now turning into a ghost town as the city lacks infrastructure that is of core value to service delivery for the populace.    

City of Francistown Major James Kgalajwe says they have a 10-year vision aimed at turning Francistown into a city of opportunities with much needed development infrastructure in place.

Kgalajwe told The Telegraph that they intend to attract investors who would make use of business opportunities such agriculture, mining, tourism and other industries.

He said currently they city was experiencing inadequate infrastructure which scares away investors.

However, he expressed hope that once the city partnered with private investor in putting up infrastructure, Francistown would become a destination of choice for many. 

He said that city was not spared by the global recession which led to some project being deferred.

┬á“There is need to ┬áinvolve the private sector where we can work together in putting up infrastructure because it is evident┬á that government alone is unable to deliver due to financial constraints,“ added Kgalajwe.

Kgalajwe stated that there is enough land but the major problem is that the land is not serviced in the area.

He said that if residential plots were serviced this could reduce the number of people who have been on the residential plots’ waiting list.

Kgalajwe stated that they intend to partner with the private sector in their quest to build some of the infrastructure rather than rely on government alone.

He said that there is enough land where companies can set up business but those companies should be able to put up infrastructure and make use of serviced land.


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