Sunday, May 26, 2024

Francistown councillors warned against escalating crime

Last week Friday during the computer awareness programme conducted for Francistown City Councilors, the outgoing Police Commanding Officer for Francistown, Foreman Baganetswe, warned the members of council against the increasing rate of crime in the second city.

Baganetswe, who has been promoted to the post of Deputy Commissioner, was bidding the council members farewell to begin his new position in Lobatse.

“I would love to commend the Francistown City Council for its cooperation with the police and its combined efforts in an endeavor to fight crime,” remarked the officer.

However, he warned the council members against the rapid increase of crime due to the development of the city, pointing out that as the city was developing very fast, councilors needed to be alert because crime was also growing. He further informed the council delegation about the poor roads in the city, which made it difficult for motorists, resulting in accidents and congestion.

“As we all know that the world is currently embroiled in a global economic crisis, there is need for improvement of infrastructure, so that when the economy recovers, the country also moves ahead,” added the Deputy Commissioner.

Baganetswe further warned the City council about the current renovation of buildings in the city, illustrating that it would always induce criminal activities, as some of the buildings might harbour criminals.

He gave the example of the new malls in the City, which have become a hub for criminal activities.

“The 2010 World Cup games are just around the corner, and I would like to encourage the council members to be careful, strategize and work hand in hand with the police as criminals from around the world could find their way into the city and engage in criminal activities,” he said.

However, Baganetswe commended the Francistown City Council for its good record of working hand in hand with the police. He indicated that the three years he was stationed in Francistown, he had experienced cooperation between the Francistown City Council and the police, especially in combating crime.


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