Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Francistown entrepreneur merges tourism fun with medical health

Amid today’s challenges of uncertainties with regard to people’s health, Jacob Mathapa, a young entrepreneur based in Francistown, has found himself a niche in the market through the creative stance of merging the tourism sector with the wellness of the tourists or travellers.

In an interview with The Sunday Standard, the Director of Mathapa and Company, a newly established company in Francistown, pointed out that health is an important aspect of life even when someone is taking a holiday anywhere in the world.

“I did that as a way of creating a room for Batswana to receive medical treatment and, at the same time, carry out tourism adventures, mixed with opportunity to expand business and build cordial ties within countries,” he said

Giving an insight of the services offered by his company, he mentioned that his organization provides lucrative services like medical visa applications, basic medical screening, global medical quotations, and personalized liaison by qualified medical personnel, which come with the package.

He went on to state that he ventured in the business as a way of capitalizing on the untapped medical and health tourism market. Mathapa also added that many entrepreneurs shy away from trying their luck in this type of business because of the risks normally associated with health, positive operative complications, insurance costs and other challenges.

“The concept of wellness tourism is not new to Botswana because it has existed in countries like South Africa where it is doing very well,” he asserted.

He mentioned that even across the world various companies have offered a variety of “surgical safaris” therefore on that view he decided to create Tshepo Health Tourism, which is a tailor made offering that caters primarily for the health and medical needs of individual clients, especially the travellers.

He elaborated that this initiative will see many Batswana benefitting from it because whenever they travel outside the country they will access with ease the medical attention they need.

Mathapa added that many countries have such long waiting lists that patients prefer to go across borders for their medical needs, therefore, he cited South Africa as a country which is sophisticated enough to be able to offer world class facilities together with holiday destinations.

He indicated that at the moment he works in collaboration with a company in South Africa called Serokole Medical Tourism, which has been offering the same services and they are currently in the process of signing a memorandum to help his company access the market and medical specialists. Mathapa added that Africa will be their biggest source of clients before they access the world abroad.

Mathapa also highlighted that his company owns two subsidiary companies and the health and tourism is the third of the products he runs. He further revealed that he owns a project that manufactures jewellery and also runs a Consultancy on Counselling Physiotherapy. He highlighted that his Health Tourism product is charged at P4 000 and will be officially launched in October this year in Francistown, Gaborone and Maun.


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