Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Francistown youth get P1 million windfall from World Bank

Francistown youth groups, Ghetto Artists and Bopaganang Basha, have received a massive cash injection of P1 million from the World Bank, after submitting a funding proposal through the National Aids Coordinating Agency.

Youth coordinator, Lionel Nkosi, revealed last week that Ghetto Artists and Bopaganang Basha jointly worked on a proposal to the World Bank through NACA (National Aids Coordinating Agency), and the Botswana National Prevention Support (BNAPS) to be funded in order to deal with HIV/Aids issues, especially in Francistown and the surrounding areas.

“We have the pleasure of announcing that our funding proposal to the World Bank was successful. The project will be particularly geared at dealing with Multiple Concurrent Partnerships (MCP) issues, especially among the youth,” he said.

Nkosi pointed out that the project will target specific areas in Francistown and surrounding areas.

“We feel that more should be done to address the issue of HIV-Aids. The fact is that the HIV-Aids message is being spread on a daily basis, but there is little evidence that the message is reaching home,” he said.

Nkosi further added that the youth need to introspect and institute behavioral change.

“Most people in Botswana are well informed about HIV-Aids, but the rate of infection is not reducing. Our outreach project will address such issues and engage different organizations like churches, schools and community leaders,” he said.

The project will also include active involvement of the disabled community, which Nkosi said have been sidelined for too long in HIV-Aids issues.

Youth peer educators will be recruited, trained and deployed to targeted areas within and around Francistown, and they are expected to facilitate the unrolling of the project.

The outreach project will assume an edutainment approach, and will include jam sessions, talk shows, faith-based outreach programs, and theater performances. All these activities will help disseminate information about the scourge to the youth and to foster communication for action and change.


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