Thursday, May 19, 2022

Francistown’s BCP mayor booted out of office

Only four months into the Francistown mayoral office, Botswana Congress Party (BCP) councillor, Ephraim Maiketso, is leaking his wounds after he was kicked out through a motion of no confidence on Wednesday during a special full council meeting.

 The motion, sponsored by Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor, Ford Moiteela, saw the mayoral chain changing hands from BCP to BDP. Through a vote from the councillors, he was replaced by Botswana Democratic Party Councillor for Satellite North, James Kgalajwe.

Ten BDP councillors voted for Kgalajwe while BCP only had seven votes.  BCP, to its amazement, did not get its usual support from the five BMD councillors.

In an interview with The Sunday Standard on Friday, Maiketso expressed disappointment over his early removal from the seat, adding that he was looking forward to prove his worth in developing Francistown.

“Politics is a game of numbers, and in this case there was nothing I could have done. I had expected the BMD to give us support as usual, but to our amazement they disappointed us as they turned their back against us. We have always worked together with the BMD despite some of our party differences,” he added.

Former Mayor and BMD councillor, Shadreck Nyeku, also explained Maiketso’s removal from the mayoral seat as a disappointment. He said that it was early for the councillor to have been removed from the seat as he needed ample time to prove his worth.

“It is a bit unfortunate that Maiketso was dethroned as mayor, but the reason why we as BMD could not support him is that the BCP has always had differences with us, especially with the Umbrella cooperation. They have always said that they do not need other opposition parties for support against the BDP,” he said.

BCP spokesperson, Taolo Lucas, told The Sunday Standard that despite the loss, BCP will still work as hard as possible to have as many councillors in Francistown City Council as possible to reclaim the mayorship seat. He further said that he is not shocked by the fact that BMD did not support Maiketso, adding that BMD is an affiliate of its former party, BDP.

“I just hope that this is not a sign that BMD is returning to its mother party, the BDP,” he said.
Maiketso was elected Mayor of Francistown in May this year.


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