Saturday, December 3, 2022

Fresh food versus frozen foods

Everyone is busy, no argument there.

Parents spend days working hard, the children spend hours at school trying to finish school work, even the little ones spend their afternoons running around with friends and by the time everyone gets home, time just seems to disappear.

Now this is around the time when we just get frozen food and boil for a minute or defrost in a microwave and eat. This works best for busy days and especially when one might be cooking for large crowds. And this is not a bad thing. In fact, frozen foods are good for weight control. They are sold in accurate size portions making one eat only what they need and nothing more. They become a guide as to what one should eat.

I think its best we tell the story from both sides. Frozen foods are not the super hero of foods. They might be the enemy of our immunities. We know that our bodies need minerals and vitamins to thrive and rebuild new tissues and cells. They also are important for keeping the integrity of the body, doing the smallest yet most important jobs that proteins and fats might not really do well.

Frozen foods, unfortunately, do not have a variety of fruits and vegetables that the body needs to perform very well. They also do not make the best dishes like fresh food would do. The ice water penetrates into the vegetables dissolving the vitamins and minerals thus robbing the food of their nutrients.

As a way of preserving the durability of the food, sodium is added to the cuts of frozen foods, to increase their shelf life. When one eats frozen food, they also consume the high amount of salt and this leads to high blood pressure, which could easily cause further complications to one’s health. Calories in frozen foods are also not enough, probably round 300 and this means that one might under eat.

Now fresh foods, on the other hand, are the super heroes of food. They are best eaten without any long storage or modification. Your best bet is eating them right after they are harvested to get the rich nutrients and life giving vigor in them.

Now I know some might be raising eyebrows at the thought of harvested and ‘organically’ grown vegetables. With organically grown foods, the amount of chemicals and preservatives put in seedlings so that they grow accordingly may make one question the purity of the products. In situations like these, it then becomes fun to create and grow your own vegetable garden. This becomes more than just a hobby; it becomes an ATM of healthy food for not only you but your children’s future. In this way, you would be the one to determine what you put in them to help them grow. There is no joy that can compare to one harvesting healthy and chemical free carrots and spinach from your own garden, I’m sure Popeye the sailor ate only the best and fresh spinach ever.

It’s very important to eat a daily serving of fruits and vegetables, fresh and healthy. They bless the body in so many ways and all the sacrifices will come back to you in every way. So, instead of frozen fries for dinner, why not try freshly cut baked potato wedges, healthy and fulfilling.


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