Thursday, December 8, 2022

Future of women’s cricket promising

In a historical tournament hosted by the Botswana Cricket Association (BCA) at Gaborone’s only cricket club, Rasesa Primary School beat Oodi in the cricket finals to attain a trophy for their school.

The all girls tournament recently ended after weeks of intense competition between the few government schools that have signed cricket as an official sport in their curriculum. Surprisingly both teams involved in the finals were from Kgatleng district.

The girls’ tournament falls within the cricket association’s implementations of its junior development programme. The man responsible for the turn out and proper sailing of selling cricket to Batswana is the treasurer of BCA, Girish Ramakrishna, described as a man who has intense passion and patience for the sport.

Ramakrishna has reportedly been spending massive amounts of money to ensure enough exposure of field practicals for players of the sport.
The tournament is described as Botswana girls’ first developmental programme much to the delight of the Botswana National Sport Council (BNSC).
The runner ups, Oodi Primary School, had won all their games prior to the finals and, unfortunately, lost the important match that was to wrap up the whole tournament. The team alleges to having had difficulties with transportation when they had to board a bus to attend the game.

Ramakrishna assures all that cricket is no longer a male sport as there is already a women’s Under 19s team and even women’s world cup. He encouraged the girls to continue being devoted and dedicated to the sport they adore, saying that Cricket could take them far and even help them win sponsorship to study abroad as others before them have.
BNSC’s Thatayaone Kokorwe informed the girls that even though the Oodi team lost, they shouldn’t despair or lose hope because no matter how good both teams were, there always has to be a winning and losing side. She said that she is most impressed with the schools regarding the fact that cricket had been non-existent in government schools until 2006, yet they play it with professional elegance.

Vanessa Thari from Rasesa Primary School was voted Player of the Tournament and was also named captain of the government schools’ teams when they faced the English mediums. Oodi received blue medals with the graceful winners receiving white medals.
Courtesy of BCA, overall best performers walked away with trophies.


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