Wednesday, June 12, 2024

G4S Botswana re-invigorates the spirit of employees with the awards

For the first time in the institution’s history, G4S Botswana, a renowned local security outfit, Monday celebrated the launch of the institution’s long service awards, aimed at reinvigorating the spirit of its employees for the good commitment they have displayed since joining the company.

A brain-child of the reputable world class G4S security services, whose operations are littered all over the world and is amongst the notable private employers, G4S Botswana found its way in the local shore a decade ago, employing thousands of Batswana and, in the same token, seeing its annual revenue growing in leaps and bounds.

At the meeting attended by, among others, the security personnel, including the Botswana Police Service and the Security Association of Botswana, the managing director for Sub Sahara – Southern region, Karel Meyer, insisted “an award celebration, is always a valuable exercise since it allows us to reflect on and celebrate our achievements, give recognition where it is due and look positively into the future”.

“Tonight, G4S Botswana is living this process as we celebrate the contributions of employees who have given long and dedicated service to the security industry over the last 28 years,” Meyer observed.

He added, “As a major organization with operations in over 110 countries and as the world’s second largest private employer, GAS plays a significant role in the lives of hundreds of thousands – both directly through employment and our relationships with customers and suppliers and directly through our involvement in the communities in which our employees live and work.”

Since inception, the size and shape of G4S has constantly changed as the business continues to grow, entering new countries and developing new service lines with 365 000 people employed in the past five years and now the company boasts of more than 585 000 employees in more than 110 countries, including Botswana.

From a work force of 79 in November 1987, G4S Botswana has grown to 2600 today and has seen its annual revenue grow from P3 million in 1988 to P112 million in 2008.

“This is a commendable growth of which G4S plc is proud. I am proud to inform you that G4S Botswana is the only listed entity in the G4S Sub Sahara Africa and our relationship with our over hundred citizen shareholders has made this operation one of the benchmark operations,” noted Meyer to the applause of the audience, who attributed this phenomenal growth to the dedication and hard work by G4S men and women employees.

Also in attendance at the meeting were other security companies, which included, among others, the Wayguard, Security Express Botswana and the Automated Security personnel.

Meyer noted that with more efforts, despite coming from different organizational cultures and different ways of delivering service, “we overcame all the challenges and became one big family and thus hold the fort and fight all criminal activities in the country”.

Seventy men and women celebrated 10th, 15th and 20th anniversaries with the company, and four employees were bestowed with all the accolades for having been with G4S for more than 20 years.

“These individuals are the pioneers of the private security services in this country, which was commonly referred to as “Ma Wayguard” and they deserve a round of applause,” Meyer said, and again to the applause of the audience.

Besides obtaining these fabulous credentials, the employees also had the opportunity to smile as the employer splashed vouchers to get valuables from the shopping retailers.

Percy Raditladi, the G4S managing director, said, “This is part of our endeavor to live our values of Best People. It is meant to recognize our gallant men and women who believed in our vision over the years and stayed with us as we navigated our business through its phenomenal growth.

“I urge you to have fun and celebrate this day as we recognize our fellow brothers and sisters from our operations. We intend to turn this event into part of our calendar and next year we will be with another group of our committed employees as we celebrate their time with us.”


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