Sunday, May 26, 2024

Gaborone calls on farmers to make use of anticipated downpours

Ntlo Ya Dikgosi Chairperson Puso Gaborone has called on Batswana to take advantage of the anticipated heavy rains this ploughing seasonto till the landin readiness for the country’s food security basket.

Like the rest of her neighbours in the region, Botswana has been not been spared thedrought emanating from the ever changing climate attributed to mankind activities. Satisfactory rains are expected in the region this time around for this ploughing season.

Already some traditional leaders have sanctioned their people to go and plough under the traditional ritual of Letsema, given the good rains as forecast by the weather bureau officials.
“As Dikgosi we will be failing in our duty if we do not drum up the notion of self-sufficiency and self-reliance by our citizens,” noted Gaborone this week when addressing the traditional leaders the beginning of the summer House session.

“I therefore encourage Batswana to take farming seriously to contribute towards our food basket,” he added, piling praise on several Dikgosi who have alreadyexercised the traditional rite well in time to allow their communities to go and plough.

“Meteorology has made projections of good rains this year,” Gaborone noted, before wishing the country “good rains and good harvest this year”.

However, good yields will not be adequately realised if farmers still abandon fields, leave them unfenced and allow cattle to roam freely, he said 
“I also encourage those who will not plough this coming season to lease their fields so that we increase the national harvest,” Gaborone concluded.
Already some areas in the country have received some showers during the independence celebrations period.

Agriculture activity has plummeted to record low levels in recent years due to inadequate rainfalls with Botswana depending heavily on neighbouring South Africa for even basic food commodities.

Besides the practice of modern methods including irrigation, South African farmers are naturally blessed with good rains all year around.  



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