Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Gaborone Councilors blast Mayor’s speech

The Deputy Mayor for Gaborone, Florence Shangwa, has acknowledged that they (councilors) are far from being impressed by the speech presented by Mayor Haskins Nkaigwa because some of the things which were included in the speech were not fully substantiated.

Giving as examples, Shangwa singled out parts of the speech in which the mayor talked about water and waste water, about the boot camp and reported abuses committed there and where he allegedly said that ‘it is time Batswana rise against the government and fight’.

“Therefore, the councilors rejected the speech,” said Shangwa.

Commenting on the speech, Town Clerk for Gaborone City Council, Agnes Seragi, said in a full council meeting: “If we accept this speech it means we are endorsing whatever is in the speech,” adding that the speech is for public consumption and when there are unacceptable things they are allowed to refuse them.

“It is our speech but we have concerns that must be noted in the minutes so that next time something will be done better,” said Seragi.

Councilor for Segoditshane Ward, Ephraim Mabengano, also said that the Mayor should apologize and withdraw the issue about the consumption of unclean water.
“We do not have the truth of the matter,” said Mabengano.

Another nominated Councilor for Gaborone West South, Rupert Hambira, said the speech was carelessly done and this time around they will not accept the speech, while Councilor Mapharing Mapharing (nominated Gaborone North Councilor) also said the speech must be withdrawn.

“We can go out and demonstrate; we are not scared of anything, so let us remove the unwanted part in the speech,” said Councilor Chanungwa Mphusu for Marang Ward (G-west North). Mphusu said the portion that ‘Batswana should rise against the Government’ is worth making an apology for.

“We could have come up with suggestions to rectify certain things because I believe the management wing of the council will use the speech to make the services better,” said Shangwa. “It is all our speech and not his speech and we talk about council issues in regard to the public services.”


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