Thursday, April 25, 2024

Gaborone Dam deaths Report to be handed over this week

Old Naledi Police Station Commander King Tshebo says that the report on what actually occurred at Gaborone Dam, where three employees of the Water Utilities Corporation drowned, is to be handed to them by the end of this week but is not for public distribution.

“The report will hopefully be completed at the end of this week and will officially be handed over to us,” he said.

Asked if it’s the contents will be made public after that, the Station Commander said:

“Unfortunately, that will not be the case; we will hand it to our supervisors who will then make a decision on whether to make the results public or not.”

Asked if he does not think it would be ideal to make the report findings public, considering the amount of interest the incident created amongst members of the public, Tshebo said: “Like I have said, the decision on that will be made by them.”

The three employees had apparently gone out to the dam to collect water samples when they failed to report back to their offices at the end of the day.

Searches by scuba divers from the Botswana Police Service, Botswana Defence Force and employees of the corporation then set out to look for them. They were finally found days apart and the boat was also eventually found in the dam.

Curious members of public were visiting the dam every day and rumour mongers had a field day on what they suspect could have happened to the three.

Most said they had been swallowed by a big snake that those residing in the vicinity of the dam claim they always see at night whilst others said they had been eaten by crocodiles.


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