Sunday, May 29, 2022

Gaborone Dam runs dry

The Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) on Friday confirmed that Gaborone dam is currently running dry, and sits at a lowly 5.3 percent.

WUC Communications Manager Matida Mmipi told Sunday Standard that the corporation will continue supplying the affected greater Gaborone with water from Bokaa dam as well as from Letsibogo dam which is transported through the North South Carrier Scheme as well as water from Molatedi Dam in South Africa under a long standing agreement between the two countries.

She added that the newly refurbished Ramotswa Wellfields have taken off pressure from the Gaborone dam as they augment supply to Lobatse and surrounding areas.

“Theoretically the dam has failed as we are currently getting a meager 14Ml/ day from 89Ml/day which is the normal abstraction. With the amount of water left around the abstraction point, the pumps may fail any time,” said Mmipi.

She further said that the NSCI transports water from a dam, the Letsibogo dam and provides 60Ml/day, adding that this water is directed into the water treatment plant and is treated and distributed.

She also said that it is regrettable that some people still do not comply and violate water restrictions by using hosepipes, watering their gardens and other such activities. She added that the critical water supply shortages situation the country finds itself in calls for responsible water users who will police themselves and conserve water even when no one is watching them.

“Given the water situation in Botswana, everyone should adopt water conservation as a way of life,” said Mmipi.

Asked about the WUC agreement with Molatedi dam in South Africa supplying and Botswana with water, she said the agreement is that South Africa will supply Botswana with water from Molatedi Dam at 13.6Ml a day when the dam is 26 percent full and above. Mmipi said once the dam falls below this, the allocation is reduced to 9Ml/day.

Meanwhile, this past week the board of the WUC appointed Leornard Nxumalo as the new substantive Chief Executive.

Nxumalo replaces Godfrey Mudanga who was fired by the Minister responsible for water, water supply Kitso Mokaila in May this year. Mudanga was shown the door together with three of his Directors who were believed to have fared badly in a performance appraisal conducted by the board. The decision to relieve Mudanga of his duties is said to have also been endorsed by Cabinet.


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