Friday, May 24, 2024

Gaborone readies for international music week

There will be music and entertainment galore this summer as Batswana will get to enjoy the inaugural Gaborone International Music and Culture Week in August. This will be a week of various festivities that will be held in the country’s capital, Gaborone.

The events will include choral music shows, poetry, comedy, culture night, a jazz festival, artists’ workshop, international music festival and a charity donation.

The festival is scheduled to run from August 25th until 31st. A media release from the organizers stated that the core objective was to promote local tourism, attract tourists to Gaborone and create a platform for local artists to forge partnerships with their international counterparts. The organizers are also hopeful that the event will create a suitable platform for Botswana brands and ultimately boost local tourism.

The youth will also get an opportunity to showcase Setswana culture to the outside world. Various local and international artists have been lined up to perform at this inaugural event. An artists’ workshop has been arranged to set long term strategic partnerships with visiting artists, record labels and the corporate world.

This will be an annual event that will take place every last week of August. It is a platform that was created specifically to give Batswana artists a broader spectrum to showcase their talents and abilities and to perform in front of relatively larger and multinational crowds. It is also an opportunity for Gaborone as a City to tell her story. The story of Gaborone is an interesting tale of a city that grew and now boasts of bigger and better roads, shopping complexes and a vibrant culture.


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