Friday, May 20, 2022

Gadifele Shashane is the Standard Chartered Millionaire!

The mood in the board room of the Standard House on Friday afternoon was very pensive and excited at the same time. One second you could almost hear a pin drop as the attendants lapsed into silence. And then seconds later, they would all burst into uncontrollable chatter and nervous laughter. This was the finalists of the Standard Chartered Million Maker competition, where 10 finalists were competing to grab a million Pula. The finalists had been whittled down to 10 from an initial 538 contestants, who had all entered the Standard Chartered Bank million maker draw.

The competition was launched on 3rd October and has been open for all customers who had the Botswana maker account. The million maker account offered customers a chance to win P1 million.

The Head of Consumer Banking, Michael Wiegand explained that customers were required to simply maintain a minimum average balance of P1, 000 per quarter and earn a chance to win P 1 million. Therefore more deposits created more chances, as additional average balance of a thousand bucks per quarter earned clients more chances of winning the P1 million prize.

“Maintaining an average balance of PI, 000 for the whole twelve months of the promotion gave customers four chances, such that customers had the opportunity to increase their chances as much as they liked, based on deposits of P1, 000,”said Wiegand.

However, Shashane who resides from Palapye, said she had invested more than P375, 000 in her account. This calls to why she grabbed the whole P1 million. She was overwhelmed, and she ran short of words. All she said was, “God never disappoints.”


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