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Gasiko and Moritshane art exhibition opens at Botswanacraft

Margaret Taylor’s Gasiko and Moritshane art exhibition opened on Thursday at Botswanacraft. The exhibition was a display of her paintings which she worked on over the past three years.

Taylor said that her art work is inspired by the natural surroundings.

She has been a passionate painter for most of her life but decided to “go bigger” in 2002. Her work comprises of paintings of oil on canvas, which she first experimented with in 2006
A few pastels were also on display.

Twenty five paintings were on display and she said that the title of the exhibition is actually a place which inspired the paintings. She picked 5 paintings which were placed together as her favourite. The 5 paintings she revealed were of one tree; she went round painting to show all sides of the tree. The tree is in a land opposite her home in Gasiko.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, Taylor revealed that “the roots and trees fascinate me,” which explains why most of her paintings are trees. Some of her paintings are rocks, which also make up the natural surrounding according to her.

“I reckon God made wonderful things around me,” she asserted.

She also revealed that she discarded some of the works and chose some to display. Taylor said she has been working part-time, putting in 4 to 10 hours a week to paint.

Bernard Hyde, Taylor’s neighbour who had come for the exhibition, said that he thought the paintings were “quite beautiful”. He added that he believed Taylor had developed a lot as he himself had seen some of her other paintings.

Twelve-year-old Owen Jobson had also accompanied his father Steve Jobson to the exhibition. Steve introduced Taylor to oil paint and gave her the interest to experiment. Little Jobson was ecstatic because he knew Taylor and “she made a painting for my mom for her birthday.”

Taylor was born in Hampshire, England and came to Botswana in 1965, working with the then called VSO.

The exhibition will run until Wednesday 5th August 2009 at Botswanacraft.


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