Saturday, December 3, 2022

Gender Links regrets missed opportunity at Agriculture Show

Few women participated in the recently staged Gaborone National Agriculture show.

Exhibitions were predominantly done by men.

GenderLinks, a Non Governmental Organisation that promotes gender sensitivity and who have lately been receiving a lot of media coverage because of a Women of Jazz bash at Gaborone Sun, are working towards pumping big funds into their project this year.

Formed in March 2001, Gender Links is a Southern African NGO headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its mandate is to promote gender equality and justice across the fifteen countries of the SADC region.

Their regional advocacy office is in Gaborone and this is where I had an interview with Vincent Galatlhwe.

I was rather surprised by their lack of participation in the National Agriculture Show where it was so obvious that they could have come in handy with their expertise.

“We found out very late about the show but do realise that we were needed there, thankfully it is an annual event so next year we will make the necessary arrangements to put up a stall at a show.

In the meantime we will begin the ground work in tackling the challenge of balancing gender in agriculture projects,” he said.

Cattle are a good long term investment. Just like in any other business farmers have to put in a lot of hard work and funds into seeing to their success. It has to be of great concern that women are being left behind.

With organisations like Gender Links getting involved in genuinely creating the much needed gender sensitivity in all spheres of farming, hopefully, we will gradually begin to see a Southern Africa in which women and men are able to participate equally in all aspects of the economy.


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