Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Genk Assistant Mayor lauds Francistown on development

The Assistant Mayor of the City of Genk in Belgium, Anniek Nagels, last week praised Francistown City Council (FCC) for its endeavor in upgrading the lifestyles of the youth and the tremendous role the Ward Committees in the city are playing in developing the lives of people.

Nagels, who led the Belgian delegation on a visit to Francistown, said that ever since there was a relationship between the two cities, there have been benefits for people of both cities.

“The twinning expedition between Francistown and Genk has been growing and both peoples of the two cities are benefiting,” she said.

She went on to add that it is very important that the City of Genk and Francistown forge their collaboration, saying that the two cities can learn from each other.

Nagels praised the Francistown Ward Development Committees, saying that they are very committed to the development of their own people. She also revealed that in Genk, they have decided to engage volunteers in which different wards of Francistown can submit proposals to them and be selected for facilitation of projects.

“The support of community projects is something that we people of Genk consider as very crucial,” she stated.

Nagels also said that it is very important that the public helps city councilors in order to achieve their obligations. She reminded the participants that the city council should not be left alone, mistrusted or ignored, but the most important thing is for everybody to take part for it to progress and achieve its goals.

She further stressed that it is also very important that the youth are involved in these developments as they are the heart of progress in every city.

The two cities entered into a twinning relationship several years ago and this is the fifth time the delegation from Genk was visiting Francistown. The twinning agreement focuses on ward development, collaboration in youth and education development. Ever since the relationship of the two cities, Francistown has benefited from projects such as the establishment of the youth centre, upgrading of the Mambo sewage water system and various other projects.


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