Thursday, April 25, 2024

GIM working on meeting criteria of continental Tour Bronze meet

Following its adoption by World Athletics, Gaborone International Meet (GIM) is working on complying with the requirement of their status of continental Tour Bronze meet.

GIM is determined to provide a competitive platform that will firm athletes to take sport as a career. 

The Meet panel announced on Wednesday a date set for the upcoming meet and the engagement of relevant stakeholders towards meeting the criteria of a bronze meet.

On his   comments, GIM Acting General Manager, Carlifonia Molefe outlined the requirements as per World Athletics standards for hosting a meet.

The categories include stadium and technical aspects, medical and anti-doping, as well as promotion and relegation, just to mention but a few.

He explained that for the category requirements, GIM has booked the National Stadium as the hub of events given that the venue has World Athletics certified Track. 

Molefe however says that as this is an international meet which brings athletes from various countries, some developments must be done to the stadium. 

Given that there are no adequate warm up facilities for a large group of athletes close to the national stadium, Molefe said GIM has eyed the University of Botswana Stadium as a warm up facility.

He went on to explain that Vivian Gungarum from Mauritius has been engaged to assist with technical requirements, oversee the technical aspects of GIM and train officials. 

To ensure capacity building for locals, he said Gungarum will be deputized by local technical delegate Thomas Ndadziila.

The general manager declared the GIM‘s grading and progress as a national project for all Batswana. The impact of sport on athletes has sustainable effects therefore athletes need to take sport as a career. GIM is contributing to commemorating sport as an investment to the athlete‘s welfare and creating a path of economic activity in the country.

“South African Medical and Anti-Doping Delegate, Harold Adams will be working with Regional Doping Office and National Doping Office for guidance on doping. World Athletics may conduct pre competition testing at their expense. Additional tests may be conducted systematically or requested when World Records and national records are equaled or broken. GIM is working on a team to manage the event’s website and social media platforms and work with the meet Media subcommittee,” he narrated.

“A total prize money purse of USD25, 000 must be offered for the Meet and the prize shall be paid within 60 days of receipt of the doping control clearance and a complete invoice from the Athletes Representatives,” he said. 

According to Molefe the GIM Bronze membership will be assessed at the end of each season by an evaluating Group comprising of World Athletics, Area Associations, Meeting Organisers and Athletes.

The much awaited event will be held on the 24th April 2021 in Gaborone, as per the World Athletics calendar.


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