Thursday, April 25, 2024

Give out a helping hand to the ‘Street Campaign For Food’

With compassion as their driving force, the “Food Run Street Campaign” hosted its first activation in a bid to contribute food and toiletry to the underprivileged. The event, which took place on October 29 at the Main Mall, is the first of many to be done to benefit those in need.

“As Share My Story”, we wanted to bring small acts of kindness together to make it easier and convenient for everyone to contribute towards a cause.

One thing that is common in most offices around town is food campaigns organised by employees to donate to families in and around the company’s sphere of influence, and we wanted to be part of it,” explained event organiser Thato Motlhatlhedi.

The team led by Motlhatlhediand  LoratoObuseng, wanted to reignite the hope of the less fortunate and bring about actual change in their lives. Having started their blog to serve as a platform to tell stories, experiences and struggles of ordinary people living through the hardships of unemployment, poverty and isolation, they decided to form a street campaign to spark compassion in the public.

“We ensure anonymity of those who share their life experiences with us. Stories are sent through to us by the public and by sharing them we attempt to find the right people and the fitting organisationsto best assist these individuals,” Motlhatlhedi says.

Donations such as canned foods, clothes and toiletries were made during the day.“The campaign was run with the assistance from the Ministry of Local Government which is yet to facilitate in sourcing out suitable families that will benefit from the donations. We aim to have more campaigns such as this one every month-end for the next six months to raise as much food for the less privileged as possible.”

“Share My Story” hopes to grow this campaign to a point that makes giving more interactive and innovative not only for the hands giving but for the beneficiaries too,” she added.

For further information and to make contributions, visit or contact 74371481 or 74301217.


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