Friday, April 12, 2024

Going your way with BotswanaPost

While the actual financial figures of BotswanaPost could be viewed as disappointing as painted in the Group’s report of 2015 which shows a rise of 38 percent in costs of sales, the loss making entity is not giving up yet. 

 In its determinations to spread its products and services, BotswanaPost has added Malawi to its corridors of sending and receiving money internationally.

“The addition of the Malawi corridor now increases the number of countries that BotswanaPost has interpostal relations of sending and receiving money with to five – the other four countries being Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe,” states their press release. 

The release further notes that BotswanaPost has pegged the Malawi corridor competitive and beneficial prices to customers, adding that it offers a platform to send and/or receive up to P5 000 from as low as P28.20 per transaction.

 “This new development means our clients will now be able to receive and send money in real time, hassle-free to these two countries across all post office outlets. This is part of BotswanaPost contribution towards socio-economic inclusion and ensures a seamless association with our families, friends and business partners. We pride ourselves in that the Post Office is one few public service entities that can be found in the remotes parts in almost all country, being one of the oldest sectors for socio-economic opportunities,” said Lebogang Bok, BotswanaPost Communications Manager. 

“The Malawi corridor service has already attracted a significant number of outbound transactions after going on 1st May 1, 2017 and we anticipate it to be a strong contender in the market in the coming months,” states Acting General Manager Marketing and Communications Joyce Manase-Ntau. 

She added that this development was testament to BotswanaPost’s commitment to reinvigorating itself and offering products that are relevant and convenient to the general market. According to Bok, the long-term plan will see an upsurge of this service to other countries and even beyond SADC as “consultations are ongoing with postal contemporaries, and fast track infrastructure readiness to accommodate the Money Order transfer service.”


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