Monday, August 15, 2022

Golden Horses promises mother of all races

The holidays are here and for those of us who have not yet made plans and bookings to take a breather, don’t panic.

A local social club, Golden Horses Racing Club, which prides itself of being a club of lifestyle with character, has promised to host the mother of all races as part of this year’s independence celebrations.

According to organizer and one of the founding member of Golden horses, horse lovers can expect fireworks come October second when they will be hosting a bush horse race, this will be the fifth year the company will be hosting a similar event.

According to Timothy Tumagole, the organizer and one of the founding members of Golden Horses, horse lovers can expect fireworks come October second when they will be hosting a bush horse race.
This will be the fifth year the company will be hosting a similar event.

“This year, we have invited racers from Kimberly, South Africa and Windhoek, Namibia, some of whom have previously raced with us at our Maun derby and other local racers from as far afield as Charles Hill, Gantsi, Maun and Bokspits. This marks this year’s race to be our biggest by far. This year we have managed to secure more sponsors hence the event will have more horses and the prize monies for races have also been increased, some by as much as five thousand pula.”

Tumagole, who says his relationship with horses developed whilst studying Micro Biology in Canada, said: “When we first started, we were faced with quite a few challenges because generally Batswana never had much interest in horses. We would walk into peoples’ offices looking for sponsors and they would wonder what we were talking about. When we mentioned horses none of our potential investors showed interest.”

Timothy says over the past four years Batswana started to get a grasp of what they are about.
“I can safely say we have revolutionized this sport in Botswana. We have since started our own stables at Moromabele farm near Palapye. We are breeding thoroughbred horses, teaching people about horses and giving riding lessons and the response has been overwhelming. Besides having hosted former Minister of Defence, Ndelu Seretse, we are constantly getting calls from people all over the country who want to know when we are hosting the next event, and that is good because we are campaigning for the corporatisation of horse raising industry in Botswana. We need government to come on board because there is a whole lot of money in horse racing. In South Africa horse racing is a multi billion rand sport and a major contributor to the country’s GDP and that’s what we are lobbying for. We never miss the Durban July, a horse racing event which is one of the biggest annual events in South Africa.”

Timothy says they are currently in partnership with the South African Jockey Academy who are offering training to local jockeys.

Dignitaries at the event will include local celebrities, musicians, directors from top corporate giants as well as current and former beauty queens. The event will cater from everyone, including the young ones who will enjoy a lineup of different fun and games.


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