Thursday, May 23, 2024

Gontse Sechele flexes his muscle in Cyprus

Botswana finest Body Builder Gontse Sechele continued Botswana athletes winning streak and flew the nation’s flag at the National Amateur Body Building Association (NABBA) World Fitness Federation Championships. 

Fresh from an injury, an undeterred Sechele recently went to Nicosia Cypress, Cyprus to compete at the National Amateur Body Building Association (NABBA) World Fitness Federation Championships where he managed to scoop 4th place.

Making the victory even sweeter was the fact that the local bodybuilder was competing in the Extreme category, a first for him.
Used to competing in the Super Body category, the move to have him compete in the Extreme meant Sechele was pushed out of his comfort zone, an experience he seems to have relished.

According to the WFF champions, competitors are judged in four categories being Athletics, Performance, Super and the Ultimate. 

“I usually compete in the Super Body category and for the first time I competed in the Extreme Body category which was a challenging task, but I was up for the challenge,” said Sechele.

Despite not having had enough time to prepare for the championships, Sechele managed to do well enough to bring home silverware.
Having undergone a Gynecomastia surgery this year, he had only six weeks to get himself ripped and ready for the competition.

According to Sechele, it was this lack of fitness and adequate preparation which fuelled his desire for a win hence he gave it his all.

“Everything at the competition was so professionally run and I could feel the intensity of the competitors and the aggressive desire to win. I too, had a hunger to win and represent my country with pride,” he said.

 Out of the 14 competitors from across the globe including, Austria, Australia, Brazil, France, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Korea, Lebanon, Malta, New Zealand, Serbia, South Africa, and of course, Botswana, Sechele, competing under the Extreme Body Category was ranked number 4. The Number one spot went to South Africa; while second place went to Hungry and third place to Iran.

The next step for Sechele is to prepare for the WFF Pretoria Classic, an internationally ranked competition slated for May 2018 at the University of South Africa (UNISA) campus in Pretoria.

 “I’m going in hard for the Pretoria Classic because my goal is to rank number one in the Extreme Category and be the World Champ. With the support of Batswana and the sports administrators, I believe we can reach that goal and put Botswana on the number one spot,” said Sechele.
Meanwhile, another local bodybuilder Tobokani Maletamotse made the country proud at the same competition.
Competing in the Athletic category, Maletamotse managed to finish in position 6 out of 16 competitors.



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