Friday, March 1, 2024

Government to establish more Customary Courts of Appeal nationwide

Since the establishment of the Customary Court of Appeal years ago when it operated with only two such courts, the government has now approved the creation of more Customary Courts of Appeal branches throughout the country.

The Deputy Director of the Tribal Administration at the Ministry of Local Government, Tumelo Seboko, has confirmed to The Sunday Standard this week that “in due course Customary Court of Appeal will have several branches across the country”.

He said the government had agreed to the expansion of the customary courts in which several branches will be created.

“Currently we have only two courts one is in the South while the other one is in the North and the areas that they cover are very wide.”
“I do not know how many brunches will be created,” said Seboko, adding that such developments would speed up the disposal of cases from the courts.

Seboko said due to financial constrains, the implementation might commence sometime early next year.

“This is a huge exercise that the ministry will be undertaking, therefore, manpower will be needed,” he said, adding that they will insure that presiding officers are sent for training.

The acting president of the Customary Court of Appeal, Donald Mosielele, said, “We welcome the new development as it will speed up the disposal of cases.”


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