Saturday, June 22, 2024

Government to retrench staff

The government is in the process of implementing a ‘last in, first out’ retrenchment exercise to deal with redundancies in the public service ÔÇô confidential documents leaked to The Sunday Standard have revealed.

A draft Cabinet memorandum on the public service early exit policy indicates that the decision was taken in 2005 and expected to run for three years until government had reached the right staff compliment size.

According to the Cabinet Memorandum, the planned “early Exit Policy” would be both voluntary and involuntary. “The procedure will be such that the voluntary option will be applied first and the involuntary option will only be applied if there is need for further staff reduction,” stated the memo.
“The early exit policy applies to both permanent and pensionable officers and Industrial Class employees who leave the public service other than through retirement, resignation, death, dismissal and retirement on medical grounds.

“Contract officers shall not be offered the early exit package as there are provisions for termination of contract by either party in the Memorandum of Agreement. The early exit Policy shall also not apply to officers whilst on training and on Sabbatical Leave,” states the Cabinet memo.

“Where two or more employees have the same qualification, skill experience and above average performance, employees’ length of service with the public service on the principle of Last-in First-Out (LIFO) or First-IN-Last-Out (FILO) shall be considered, provided that the application of such a principle is in each case consistent with the maintenance of an efficient and effective public service.”

The government decision to downsize staff within the next three years is also carried in the recommendations by the commission that was set up to look at the public service conditions of service and salary increases. The government’s decision to reduce staff is part of the amended article that also called for a 15 percent salary increase across the board in the civil service.
Presidential Affairs Minister, Daniel Kwelagobe, however, omitted to announce the planned downsizing when announcing the 15% across the board salary increase.


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