Sunday, March 3, 2024

Government ups the ante in anti poaching crusade

Poaching in Botswana is set to become a very risky business as the government steps up its war against the illegal practice. The crime has been soaring in recent years due to the high ivory demand.

“A dramatic shift on poaching is set to be witnessed in the next 6 months,” said Kitso Mokaila, the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism. Mokaila said poaching has increasingly become a threat to both the wildlife and the tourism industry┬á┬á hence stringent measures have to be┬á┬á implemented to curb the problem.

He said they were taking tough measures to save the endangered species.

“I will not disclose our strategy, but what I can say is all is set now,” he said. Elephants, kudus, impala’s, rhinos, lions, gemsbok, among other species, are some of the animals vulnerable to poaching. “Poachers are an endangered species as we will introduce stern measures against poachers,” said Mokaila.

Recently, President Ian Khama warned poachers coming into Botswana for poaching to be aware since the protection of wildlife is his government’s national priority.┬á┬á

There have been reports of syndicate poachers in South Africa who are eyeing Botswana and have already dispatched a covert expedition into the country to locate rhinos for their┬ápoaching operations.┬áSecurity forces will be used to protect the country’s┬á┬áwildlife, especially rhinos, as they are the most hit due to the high demand for their horns.


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