Thursday, May 23, 2024

Gov’t quizzed on retired civil servants working on contract

Despite recently freezing posts within the public service, the government has on its payroll approximately 218 retired civil servants who are working for government on contract.
This has been revealed to parliament by the Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Lesego Motsumi.

Motsumi said this last week Friday when responding to a question posed by Nkange MP Edwin Batshu.
The MP had sort to know the total number of retired civil servants who have since been employed back into the public service on contract and further sought the justification for this arrangement in light of the rising number of unemployment in the country.

However, according to Motsumi, the officers were recalled from retirement because they possess critical skills and experience to man the public service.

There are at least 20 senior managers who are on government’s E2 scale and above.
The list also includes about 22 employees following in the cadre of professional staff, a total of 107 nurses, 24 technicians, 25 employees for tribal administration and at least about 18 who have been redeployed to work for land boards and land tribunals.

Parliament has also been informed that government came to the rescue of the Botswana Federation of Trade Unions (BFTU) after its property, Babereki House located in African Mall in Gaborone, was put under the hammer.

According to the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, the government has loaned the Union P2.96 million to clear its debts to the Citizen Economic Development Agency (CEDA) and NDB.

“BFTU approached government regarding the imminent disposal of Babereki House by the main lending institution (NDB) following BFTU defaulting on loan repayments. Indications were that the building would be sold through a public auction possibly below its market value and below the loan balance. Furthermore, BFTU would still be obliged to clear the outstanding loan amount, but this time without the rental income. This would have resulted in liquidation of BFTU as an entity,” Minister of Finance Kenneth Matambo told parliament on Friday.

The loan is interest free and the Union has been given a fifteen-year grace period before it can start repaying the loan.


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