Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Gov’t splashes P81 million on ISPAAD

The government through the Ministry of Agriculture has spent P81,630,69 paying for ploughing and planting under the ISPAAD scheme in the last ploughing season.

This is according to the Principal Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Boikhutso Rabasha.

She explained that 33,057 had benefited and that 106,180.04 hectares were ploughed and 381, 457,89 of them were row planted.

On the challenges they faced, she explained that some farmers were not weeding their fields as they are advising them to do whilst others abandon their fields after ploughing.

This is being blamed on the Ipelegeng scheme by some people as the scheme pays P500 monthly. She could not be drawn into commenting on the issue.

Besides abandonment of masimo and not weeding, Rabasha also said that they are still facing the problem of farmers not modern ways of ploughing and planting in rows. Planting in rows she says it has been proved increases harvest.

Early this year, government was forced to extend ploughing season on two occasions after rains had failed to make sure more farmers more especially in the southern part of the country which had experienced low rainfall get a chance to plough.

In a related issue of ISPAAD, Jwaneng Station Commander Theriso Thatayaone has disclosed that they are investigating a case in which they believe that three tractors owners in the region have allegedly made false claims about having ploughed for farmers when they have not.

Though their investigations into the matter are still continuing, Thatayaone said that they currently have 15 farmers whom they believe have been cheated by the tractors owners and that the number of farmers who have been cheated might go up as their investigations continued. This he said was the first case of its type they have investigated.


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