Monday, September 25, 2023

Gov?t called on to introduce mandatory pensions scheme for all workers

The Member of Parliament for Gaborone Central, Dumelang Saleshando, says the government should move to make it compulsory for all workers to have pensions.

Specifically, he said there is need for an overarching pensions law, saying enacting pensions piecemeal is not the way to go.

He called for a ?meaningful? pension scheme for retired Members of Parliament.

?If there was such a scheme, MPs with grey heads would retire,? he said.

He was debating the motion calling for the establishment of pensions for high court judges.
Saleshando said attention has to be given to introducing a ?meaningful? pension for Members of Parliament, saying the reason why so many MPs do not want to retire is because they know they will become destitute once they leave the parliament hall.

?People are sticking around for so long because they know very well that life is tough outside parliament,? said Saleshando.

He said that is why there are MPs who have been in parliament for between twenty and thirty years.

?If you failed in twenty five years, what on earth can you achieve in five years?? asked Saleshando.

He told his mesmerized colleagues that they do not want to retire from parliament because ?people fear that once they retire they will be forgotten.?

Saleshando talked of destitute former ministers he often meets at the funerals, saying it is not fair looking at the amount of money paid to retired presidents.

He said there has to be a ceiling with regard to the president?s retirement pension.

Saleshando?s statement comes in the wake of growing public outcry against obscene extravagance displayed by government in the construction of a multi million pula retirement house for President Festus Mogae in Phakalane Golf Estates.


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