Sunday, June 16, 2024

Govt will not increase LIMID period ÔÇô Molebatsi

The current Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development (LIMID) cannot be extended as such a move would render the small stock husbandry quotations null and void.

Usually official government quotations last for a six month period, with the LIMID initiative programme no exception.

“The current period of six months for LIMID cannot be increased to twelve months for beneficiaries to look for suppliers of small stock because applications are approved with quotations from suppliers- that is, approval is made while applicants have already identified their suppliers,” revealed the Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Oreeditse Molebatsi, on Friday.

After approval, beneficiaries are given six months to complete their projects because the quotations are usually valid for six months.

“Hence any extension on the time frame of project implementation will render the quotations null and void,” Molebatsi declared.

Formulated in recent years, LIMID aims to empower the disadvantaged small scale farmers with cattle and small stock such as sheep and goats provided to alleviate poverty.

Through improved livestock productivity, government is adamant would enhance food security which for sometime has threaten the semi-arid country.

In addition to providing dip tanks, spray races, borehole equipments and water reticulation amongst other things, the government embarked on Tswana chickens and poultry abattoirs to assist the farmers.

Answering a question in parliament, Molebatsi indicated his ministry will consider publishing details of small stock owners who are willing and able to supply LIMID beneficiaries so that those who have difficulty in sourcing suppliers can contact them.

He would also dismissed the increase of doe/ewe from P500 to P700 as the price is adequate and reflective of the size and age of the animals procured for LIMID which is from one year to three years.

“But during LIMID review the current price will be looked into,” the Tswapong South MP promised.
Molebatsi was answering a question from Kanye South MP Abram Kesupile.


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