Monday, March 4, 2024

GPH acquires high-tech cancer treatment equipment

As cases of cancer increase in the country, Gaborone Private Hospital GPH has acquired and installed state-of-the-art cancer equipment to improve treatment of the disease.

So far GPH is the only hospital in the country treating cancer.

GPH spokesperson Ndaboka Kgosi confirmed that the hospital has acquired state-of-the-art medical equipment that will treat cancer – one of the deadliest diseases both locally and globally.

“I can confirm that GPH has managed to source state-of-the-art cancer machinery. GPH is the only cancer facility offering comprehensive cancer management interventions in Botswana,” said Kgosi.

The hospital has over the years taken a lead in investing in high-tech radiotherapy equipment to improve its cancer treatment capacity and clinical outcomes.

She explained that the new Flexitron unit is a scalable device with 20 channels and can be used in the treatment of gynaecological cancers, prostate, oesophagus, and breast cancers.

She said the equipment was acquired together with Oncentra Brachy treatment planning system which allows an easy and standardized way of treatment planning, while giving the Oncologist confidence about accuracy and safe treatment delivery.

Kgosi added that the machine replaces the older version, the Selectron model unit which has delivered more than 5000 brachytherapy applications over the last 10 years.

“The new world class Flexitron unit offers the hospital oncology department more sophisticated, efficient and safer brachytherapy procedure options for patients,” she said.

The equipment was bought from the Netherlands for P5 million.

She further said the hi-tech machine was installed at the hospital at the end of July this year and is fully operational.

She stated that in keeping with social responsibility, the old Brachytherapy equipment will be donated to Botswana University of International Science and Technology to help inspire undergraduates towards a clinical career path in the field of cancer management.

“This is the first medical equipment donated outside of medical furniture such as patient beds. In most cases, we have been scrapping medical equipment at the end of useful life,” she stated.


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