Thursday, June 20, 2024

GTV ÔÇô The right time, the right place

Botswana is expected to get its second pay TV service which will be launched in the middle of the year, unlocking premium satellite-based TV to a potential huge new market.

In a press statement last week, Julian McIntyre, said the satellite station under Gateway Communication, will be associated with GTV. Gateway Communications was founded back in 2000 and is now one of Africa’s largest international communications networks. With coverage in over 37 countries across the continent, Gateway has managed to build the largest pan-Africa communication network.

Gateway is an African success story and has invested over 1 billion 578 million 800 thousand (US $250) in the continent and with its innovation and dedication has helped to bring 21st Century communications infrastructure to Africa.

“Just last week it announced a further investment of over P221.032 (US$35million) in expanding its next generation network in West Africa,” the statement said.

This company said it recognized the opportunity to provide high quality mobile service to an otherwise underserved market and has successfully implemented a powerful business model to suit the market. The company’s commitment to Africa has been steadfast and Gateway firmly believes in reinvesting back into Africa to carve out a progressive and sustainable future, stated the release.

Following Gateway Communications’ success, Mclyntyre said they decided that there has never been a better time to invest in Africa and then decided to invest in TV. According to the BBC World Service Trusts’ African Media Development Initiative, there has not been much investment in African media, and growth in Botswana TV sector in the past five years.

What is even more unusual and exciting is that the market niche that has been identified by GTV is not wealthy. McIntyre’s vision through GTV is to offer premium pay TV at afford arable price, making the service accessible to all Africans as well as making investment in quality television better value.

He said lack of investment and competition artificially constraint the market as it leaves the market with very little choice and high prices for services which people in other parts of the world long ago ceased to consider luxuries. He said GTV is coming at the market with a new model and a significant investment which sees 1000 TVs in Botswana.

GTV is investing millions of Pula into premium content that will give people the choice and quality of world class programming, the company said.
Gartner, a leading United Kingdom-based research company, has estimated that a more affordable entrant onto the scene could drive growth of over 30 percent year in the penetration of pay TV. It is estimated that the market could be worth US$3billon by 2015. It stressed that the move is not only good for the viewers but also for the entire industries that are related to pay TV.


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