Saturday, May 21, 2022

GU on an unstoppable path

This year, Gaborone United made a historic feat by winning the Coca-Cola tournament for the first time in their lifetime.

What was even more historic about GU’s victory is the fact that the tournament was being held for the last time. Winning the Coca-Cola Cup seems to have reignited hopes at the team to conquer and win everything on offer.

This year they were a bit busy on the transfer market as they signed six players and lured one of the country’s top coaches, David Bright, to be at the helm.

Bright has vast experience at both national and international level. He also had a stint in South Africa where he coached Premier League side, Santos, apart from coaching in the First Division.

The only players that GU lost are the trio of Tshepo Molefhe, Thebe Maiketso and Mmusa Ohilwe. The three have since joined Lobatse sides as Molefhe headed to Gunners while both Maiketso and Ohilwe went to BMC.

The club’s secretary General, Herbert Letsebe, told Telegraph Sports that they are very ambitious to do well in the coming competitions. “Definitely we beefed up our team and ready for the new season. Just like any other team we are ambitious and would like to do well in all competitions,” he said.

Letsebe added that their aim is to build a formidable side that will be unstoppable in a few years and they do not want to put unnecessary pressure on the coach. He stressed that, save for two players, all other players are still young.

“We would like a situation whereby we have a strong team for several years and most of our players are young, except Letsweletse Seane and Steven Maposa. We would like to see the team go back to those years when it was called the Money Machine.”

Some of the good players the team signed include Kaone Molefhe and Tebogo Sembowa. The duo worked with Bright at the national Under 23 when it was known as the Dream Team.

The team became the first from Botswana to qualify for the group stages of the Olympic qualifiers where they beat Morocco and Tunisia.


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