Thursday, July 18, 2024

Gunners and Chiefs on Their Way Back to Premier League? 

Fallen local giants Mochudi Centre Chiefs and Lobatse Extension Gunners are fighting behind the scenes to get back to the top flight league, Premier league. This past week, the two clubs were alleged to be in a race to acquire premier league statuses. Gunners and Chiefs are said to be intent on buying the status of Jwaneng Young Stars and VTM FC respectively.

Young Stars are said to be willing to let go of their newly acquired status while VTM FC recently announced it was ceasing operations as a professional football entity. Both are said to be willing to sell their status. 

Speaking in an interview, Young Stars chairperson Max Gaedie confirmed the club was willing to sell. “We are in negotiations with one of the local clubs and negotiations are advanced – it will depend on whether we agree or not,” he said. 

“We are a business entity and we are not selling. However if there is anyone who comes to us with a better offer, we will sell.” He said they were initially looking at around P1 million but it will depend on whom wants it and from which division. “The prize will depend on the nature of the people who want to buy. We are open and we negotiate in good faith” said Gaedie.

While rumours that Gunners are the potential buyers are rife, the Young Stars chairman said he could ‘not comment’ or ‘reveal the people they are negotiating with.’ Sources however say Gunners agreed to pay P600 000.00 for the status. “Young Stars will remain at first division. They have taken Gunners’ status,” a reliable source said. 

Extension Gunners communications manager Ofentse Isaac Mmualefhe has however dismissed the ongoing allegations. “It is not true that we are in negotiations with Young Stars. We are not talking to anyone” he said.

“Gunners does not have the funds to buy the status. We will get promotion through normal processes and not through buying anyone’s status. However, if there is anyone who can come on board and buy the status for us, we will not refuse because everyone at the Gunners family wants the team at the premier league.”  

Meanwhile, VTM FC owner, Vincent Mafutha has revealed that they have not yet sold the status but they are open to any offers. Football pundits however believe that Chiefs stand a better chance to buy the status and gain premier league status. 


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