Thursday, February 9, 2023

Gunners go walkies with Premier League dues

Troubled Lobatse giants Extension Gunners are among the Premier League teams that forfeit their 2016/17 league prize money for failing to pay crediting BPL its 20 percent of gate takings since the beginning of the season. 

News reaching Sunday Standard can reveal that the debt is almost P100 000 with potential that it might increase as the league is ongoing

The BPL gate takings share was increased from 5 percent to 20 percent this season with clubs expected to credit the money after every BPL fixture. 

It is said that the total revenue Gunners have accumulated since the beginning of the season amounts to half a million Pula. While the matter is at hand, Gunners have downplayed it citing that they are well aware of the consequences and not concerned.

 Speaking in an interview with Sunday Standard, Gunners chairperson Phenyo Gothaang revealed that they had worked on their assignment and had targets with a budgeted forecast of the season. “We are not panicking as all is well at the club. We have to date accumulated P 500 000 in gate takings and it is not true that we did not remit all the money. Some of the money has been remitted to the BPL by outlets that were selling tickets on behalf of both the BPL and clubs so we can’t be said to be owing the BPL much,” Gothaang  said.

He further said that their season forecast is going according to plan with a target to finish in the top four. “Our target is to finish the season sitting on the fourth spot and the prize money for the position is P210 000. We are also banking on grants that amount to P400 000 in a season which assist clubs in their endeavours. It is a fact that clubs need funds to sustain their stay in the Premiership as there are a lot of logistics that require funds. Players need to be paid salaries and transport logistics so we are doing what we can with the little resources we have,” said Gothaang.

He further explained that clubs struggled to get their prize money at the end of last season despite some banking on the money to pay salaries. 

“One would ask why bank on prize monies that comes at the end of the season whereas clubs are struggling and need to be running. We had to wait for long last season before receiving prize monies of the previous season and could not pay salaries on time which was hard to convince players,” said Gothaang.

For his part, BPL Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thabo “Styles” Ntshinogang revealed that there were several defaulting clubs. “We are still thinking on measures to take with concern to defaulting clubs. We are currently engaging clubs on the matter and possibilities are that it may end up to an extent of covering costs with prize monies if they fail to balance,” Ntshinogang said.

Ntshinogang further revealed that increasing the BPL share to 20 percent was agreed to by the BPL Board, with intensions to reinvest the money into clubs. “The BPL Board resolution was that the share percentage of gate taking would be reinvested back to clubs if need be. We are aware that some clubs are struggling financial and the money will assist during difficult times,” explained Ntshinogang.


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