Friday, May 24, 2024

Gunners’ boss appeals to the supporters

Extension Gunners’ chairman, William Maboane, has appealed to supporters not to engage in negative behaviour that might lead to the fall of the team. This comes in the wake of a players’ revolt said to have been influenced by some supporters bent on seeing the current executive fail.

This week, Gunners’ players stayed away from training demanding to be paid outstanding salaries, only returning to the ground on Thursday afternoon after being persuaded by the committee. This was a day before they left for Orapa to take on Miscellaneous at Itekeng Stadium.

“I’m happy that the players decided to return to training yesterday (Thursday) and there are allegations that there was an influence from somewhere. I want to appeal to Extension Gunners’ supporters to know that this is their team. If one wants to bring it down, we’ll all suffer in the end. It has been a stressful week for all those close to the team due to the players’ strike but I’m confident that we’ll sort things out,” said Maboane.

Since coming into office in July, Maboane’s committee has been faced with the difficult task of trying to cut down factions which have hampered the progress of the Peleng giants.

According to reliable sources, the ex-committee members are the ones who have been causing confusion in the team.

“I addressed Lobatse branch on Thursday and I must say that I was touched by the support they showed to us. I’m appealing to all Gunners’ supporters to understand that this team does not belong to an individual. They have to come up with plans which will ensure that the club runs smoothly rather than bringing it down. I want to make it clear that since it was announced that the players have boycotted training, we’ve received overwhelming support and I’m happy to be associated with such kind of supporters,” he added.

The recent boycott is said to have distabilised Gunners’ camp as some supporters told the players the team has made enough money during their recent music festival in Molapowabojang.

Information reaching Sunday Standard indicates that the management used the money raised from the event to pay outstanding debts like players’ rentals.

“I must make it clear that Gunners have no money and we’re doing our utmost best to ensure that the welfare of our players is taken care of,” said Maboane who is a qualified accountant.

The Gunners’ boss hinted that they have identified the ring leaders during the recent boycott but refused to divulge their names. He said that they are still continuing with the investigations and his committee will act if necessary.

He said that their intention, as Gunners’ committee, is not to fight with the players but to build a winning team.

“My biggest challenge is to keep the players happy. Before I crack the whip, I must improve their welfare and the recent boycott has taken back our efforts. There were sponsors who were willing to come on board but were scared away by the developments at the club,” he said.

He reminded the players that the supporters contribute a lot to their welfare, adding that they must think about them before taking ‘stupid’ decisions in the future.


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