Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Guys, get rid of the first nut!

Despite the fact that it is a century old topic, premature ejaculation remains a prevalent problem among males. Even the women hardly talk about it, and many are resigned to the unspoken rule that the first round belongs to the guy.

They readily believe lame excuses like:”It’s because you are so sexy babe. I just can’t hold it when I see you naked”.


But today’s informed and switched on honeys don’t take crap. They expect an orgasm, whenever, wherever.

They will look at you like you are a leper if you bust a nut within five minutes of sex.
Some of them will belittle you.

Others will dress up and leave, while others will tell their friends that so-and-so is a useless sod in bed.

I guess by now you are wondering why the chicks who used to openly flirt with you are suddenly frosty, or why you are not getting some these days. They talk about us guys, so we best up our game.
We are tired of emotionally scarred guys who end up beating up our sisters to compensate for their failures in bed, or leaders with frail egos who end up refusing to listen to reason just because they are trying to prove their suspect machismo.

So, I found it fitting to at least suggest a way that I know has worked for many guys who actually like sex and want to please a woman.

You see, we want her to come back. A lot of us guys (I mean the ones who get laid on the regular) get worried when a lady gives us some and then disappears into thin air. If you did her right, she should come back for more.

What is the trick?

Get rid of the first nut. Masturbate before you get with her, so that when you do, you last longer and make her come. We know all about the medication, creams and condoms that supposedly make a guy last longer. I say bollocks!

Those have side effects, and they are dangerous. You see men always carry a load. Simply put, men are a walking erection. Our bodies produce sperm all the time, and sex is the single most predominant factor in our minds.

Imagine a guy who blows his best ever chance of getting laid regularly by ejaculating within three minutes! The chick won’t come back, bro.

We know you masturbate, and frankly, so do we. But we do not masturbate for self satisfaction. No silly, we masturbate for the honeys. Because we carry a load like any other man, we make sure that we get rid of the load an hour or so before we get with our ladies. That, my friend, is called getting rid of the first nut.

To hell with medications, pills and condoms. Even traditional sexual aphrodisiacs are nothing compared to the natural way of doing things, masturbation.

The problem with aphrodisiacs and long lasting condoms is that they make you last too long, and they have side effects. Imagine a situation where you have been humping away for over one hour to a point where you are beginning to feel a piercing pain on the side of your belly. Even your stamina can’t carry you that long. The lady is now tired and so are you. But you still haven’t come. Because the long lasting condoms and the medication make you numb down there.

What happens next?

You take off the condom and then have unprotected sex so that you can at least climax. The next thing, you will either be in prison for failing to pay maintenance, or looking gaunt and reed thin because you caught something nasty.

So big guy, get rid of your first load.

The male organ has a mind of its own, brothers. When the soldiers do come home, there is no way of stopping them. You don’t want to be there, looking stupid and apologetic, two minutes into sex, with a full condom and a woman looking at you as if you are the most useless and idiotic person she has ever seen.


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